Vrbo.com Website Review & Ratings + VRBO Coupons
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Vrbo.com Website Review & Ratings + VRBO Coupons

VRBO: Products & Services

Vrbo.com is a web-based vacation property rental agency where individuals can add properties for rent and others can go on and book the properties based on availability. The Vrbo.com website gives the options to Search over 190,000 vacation rentals worldwide, Make money from your vacation home, , review provisions for Group Travel and  Destination Overviews.

VRBO: Company Background

VRBO is an acronym for Vacation Rentals By Owner. Mr. David Clouse founded and operated Vrbo.com from November 1995 to November 2006 and after it became a success then sold it to HomeAway in 1996. Vrbo.com has accommodations available in destinations all over the world and operates from the HomeAway offices in downtown Austin, Texas.

VRBO: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Traveler reviews or Vrbo.com  on tripadvisor.com all agree that Vrbo.com should make provisions for unbiased or negative reviews on their site about vacation accommodations that they used and didn’t like. A Forbes.com review reinforced the notions as it spoke to another Vrbo.com customer who had a bad experience. His reaction when his negative post was removed from Vrbo.com was that he “was extremely disappointed that they don’t want to have a transparent marketplace of communication about these things”. A number of the review responders on this site were owners who agreed that there must be some transparency and negative reviews should be posted, but only for the most part, as there were still some that were dead set against the bad publicity with one noting that some vacationers use the opportunity to extort the property owners. The Forbes.com headline for this review was “HomeAway and Vacation Rentals By Owner's Confusing Review Policy”.

VRBO: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Neither Vbro.com nor its parent company HomeAway is accredited by the Better Business Bureau BBB. However, some properties listed by the site are, and a list of them can be found at this BBB link. Vrbo.com has been featured in Forbes.com, tripadvisor.com, USA today, intltravelnews.com and Frommer's, to name a few.

VRBO: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Vrbos.com traffic rank according to alexa.com is “based on internet averages, vrbo.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 55-64, are college educated and browse this site from work,”with this they were ranked 2,729 by Alexa. Vrbo.com placed first with 2.84M over Homeaway.com with 1.90M, and vacationrentals.com with 1.08M. Vrbo.com’s google page rank is 6/10.

VRBO: Social Media Presence

Vrbo.com has a significant presence on the most popular social media including Pinterest, Facebook with 28,199 likes, and Twitter with 5,839 followers. These social media are frequently updated. There are social media links on the Vrbo.com site that when selected allows customers to post the site or site item to their own social media page

VRBO: Website Security & Safety

The Google Safe Browsing diagnostic for Vrbo.com has returned no threats by the website.  Payment is made in a secure page and the complete details of the credit card required confirming payment. This assures the retailer and the buyers that the best practices are being adhered to, where collection of payment information is concerned. Importantly, all Vrbo.com payments are secured and processed by PayPal. PayPal follows up with a confirmation email every time you make a payment and employs industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools ensuring the safety of transactions of the Vrbo.com website.

VRBO: Pricing & Packages

The prices have gigantic variations. This is so becauseVrbo.com allows its clients to set their own pricing for their venues and the nature of Vacation/destination rentals would finds some properties significantly high-end while other are more simplistic. Also, Vrbo.com clients are a mixture of single property owners and larger agencies.

VRBO: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Vrbo.com products and services do not require shipping.

VRBO: Payment Methods Accepted

Vrbo.com accepts all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card. Alternative methods of payment are also accepted, like PayPal and BillMeLater. BillMeLater is a service that allows customers to make payments at a later time without the use of a credit card. BillMeLater is a service provided by PayPal.

VRBO: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Vbro.com employs the “Carefree Rental Guarantee from Homeaway”. The Carefree Rental Guarantee from HomeAway protects you up to $10,000.00, if the property you are renting has been foreclosed or is in bankruptcy, if the owner double-books the property, if the owner wrongfully withholds your security deposit, if the property is misrepresented or if you are the victim of Internet fraud, including phishing.

VRBO: Product images & screenshots
VRBO Coupons
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Get Buy a 12 month listing and get the 13th month free @ VRBO
Get Vacation Rentals by Owner: $50 off annual subscription fee @ VRBO
Get 1 Month Free Listing Coupon Code: CJQ4 @ VRBO
Get Additional Month Free Listing @ VRBO